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I wrote the dictionary program because I needed a Spanish/English translator and all the others that I could find did not suit me well. So I decided to make my own.

By the way, I should have posted this long ago, but the reason that it is named spengster is: [sp]anish [eng]lish, and the [ster] is just an ending that I thought of BEFORE Napster was around.

The other stuff I just wrote as I went through life and decided that something would be cool to do, or something that wasn't automated should be.

Click on the links bellow to learn more about each of the programs that I have:

Spengster - A Spanish/English dictionary program - now open source and online!!!.

THe CliKa - A little program that I wote that clicks the mouse pointer to cheat such programs as Spedia. On a little side note, Spedia pays very well! If you decide to join, please give me credit - ID # 2078890 is your referrer.

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