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Welcome to my site.

Please note that this web site and the program spengster are in dire need of updating, which I don't have the time to do at the moment. In a few weeks, I will totally revamp the site with a new web interface for the dictionary, and a MUCH better downloadable program, but it will not be in Visual Basic - probably in Java. So check this site out in a few weeks, you will like what you see!

So don't get dissapointed by the crappy program (that I wrote in high school) that you download. I do have plans to rewrite it (5 years later)...

Ha-ha. Who am I kidding? Maybe I'll have time to finish this when I go on co-op. Don't hold your breath. No, really, I do plan to rewrite it soon. In the meantime use the online version which is quite nice

Spengster is a program that allows you to translate words from Spanish to English or from English to Spanish - Both downloadable and online!. I also have a bunch of other programs that I have written. Visit the about page to learn more.

I wrote the program using Visual Basic 6.0.

This is my biggest project yet, and it is still lacking certain qualities, functions, etc. In order for me to improve it, I will need feedback from you, the users. Please don't hesitate to email me with any suggestions, no matter how complicated they may sound.

Thank you for visiting this site and please try out the programs.

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